Recognized for Excellence
  • Johnson Control’s Chairman’s Award for excellence in customer service. (2003)
  • Willie F. Card Memorial Award for excellence in customer service. (2006, 2007)
  • Air Traffic Control Specialist of the Year Awards (Domestic and International) from the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) (2007)
  • ATC Chairman’s Citation Award for outstanding customer service (2007)
Going Above & Beyond Expectations
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Mr. Shane Cordes, President
Midwest Air Traffic Services
13200 Metcalf, Suite 110
Overland Park, KS 66213
Dear Shane:
The Jackson Hole Airport Contract Tower has been operating a little over one year, and I felt that it was past time for the Airport to relate to you that the Airport Board and management are extremely pleased with the excellent service and product that Midwest delivered. The equipment suite that you recommended and installed is first class, and our controllers and local FAA are very pleased. Midwest's ability to deliver the performance and quality promised on time and within cost was extraordinary, because it is something we rarely experience with local firms. One of the many impressive extras that Midwest provided was the "above and beyond" coordination with FAA, FCC, and others when the Airport was faced with a new, unfamiliar technical or administrative issue. The bottom line is that we could not be more pleased that we selected Midwest Air Traffic Services to provide the Jackson Hole Airport's Contract Tower.
If there is any way that the Airport can assist you in the future please don't hesitate to ask. We will always be ready to provide the best possible recommendation to other potential customers.
George Larson
Re: RDAC Mobile Tower
Dear Shane:
Once again I would like to thank you and your company for the quick response to our power outage in the control tower at New Century AirCenter. The availability of the RDAC unit and the minimal time required to set it up and take over air traffic control functions was directly responsible for the minimal disruption to services during this critical time. The thoroughly professional way you and your people approached this challenge is sincerely appreciated.
I must also comment that the RDAC unit functioned flawlessly for the nine days we required it even though temperatures were approaching 100 degrees on many of those days. The unit was perfect for our needs and became operational in a very short time after the power outage. Please pass my appreciation along to all of those individuals who participated in this effort.
Robert W. Perry
Director of Aviation
Dear Mr. Cordes:
On behalf of the Wicomico County Airport Commission I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to Midwest Air Traffic Control Service for its masterful administering of the air traffic control tower project at the Salisbury-Ocean City: Wicomico Regional Airport.
The dedication and professionalism exhibited by Midwest Air Traffic Control Service to the Wicomico County Airport Commission in providing a complete “turn-key” air traffic control tower facility has freed the Commission from the bewildering array of unforeseen obstacles which frequently materialize with the use of firms that proclaim their experience but are later found to be less qualified. Throughout the preliminary design and right up through the present phase of construction, Midwest Air Traffic Control Service has yet to discourage the Wicomico County Airport Commission.
Construction of the Salilbury-Ocean City: Wicomico County Airport air traffic control tower began during the middle of this past February with a targeted completion date of early June. To date, all work associated with the construction of the air traffic control tower has progressed rapidly without any delay.
Thank you for the fine work.
Robert L. Bryant, A.A.E.
Airport Manager
"Quite frankly – my response to this questionnaire will appear to be somewhat prejudiced. I work with several subcontractors and I need to state – up front – that Midwest ATC Services is the best of them all. Their capabilities, professionalism, and superlative job performance has made them the premier Air Traffic Control (and related services) provider “in the world.” Big statement...and Midwest ATC Services has earned it – someone has to be “the best” and Midwest has earned that reputation, job by job."